Family Day 2022 - Looking for Things to Do?

We are bringing you and members of your household various, exciting activities this Family Day!

A special thank you goes to all the CILC volunteers, members, and friends who've contributed in some way to the planning, creation, and finalization of these creative activities!

Enjoy these activities this weekend and if you feel comfortable, leave us a message or share photos (via email or social media) of what you've been up to!

CILC's Holiday Recipe Book

Click this front cover to access the rest of the recipes!

CILC's Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Check out this adventurous scavenger hunt that can be done right in your neighbourhood!

Click on each of the Scavenger Hunt pages to enlarge (and download, as needed).

CILC's Postcard Guessing Game

Here's a brand new game for everyone in the household. You get to travel across Canada (virtually!) while putting your knowledge to the test. Use the passage written to you and photo as clues to figure out each of the destinations. Let us know how many you get right.

Click on each of the postcards in sequence (left to right) and start guessing. Good luck to all of you!

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