Current Programme

PLAY! It's Universal

Beginning June 12, 2020, we will be releasing a new segment of our PLAY! It's Universal programme each Friday at 9am.  Using Prezi, we invite you to enjoy an interactive, multimedia experience focused on a certain theme.  There will be 7 parts. We hope you can join us!

Week 1 - Music
Week 2 - Dance
Week 3 - Taking a Break
Canada's Birthday Poster
Week 4 - Happy Canada Day!
Week 5 - Inside/Outside Activities
Week 6
Week 6
Week 7
Week 7

June 12th 2020

Music Around the World


June 19th 2020

Dances Around the World


June 26th 2020

Taking a Break!


July 3rd 2020

Happy Canada Day!


July 10th 2020

Inside/Outside Activities